2nd WSC - Antimicrobial Therapy and Source Control I Now Available

The second session of the 2nd World Sepsis Congress ‘Antimicrobial Therapy and Source Control I’ is now available to recap on YouTube (embedded above) and as a Podcast on Apple Podcasts (iTunes link).
It is chaired by Alison Fox-Robichaud from Canada and features the following speakers:

  • Mathias Pletz, Germany

  • Jean Chastre, France

  • Tobias Welte, Germany

  • Charles Gomersall, Hong Kong

  • John Marshall, Canada

  • Arjen Dondorp, Thailand

Sessions are released weekly on Thursdays. The next session is ‘The Different Faces and Challenges of Sepsis’ on October 4th, 2018. Please head over to the 2nd WSC website for the full release schedule.

We want to make World Sepsis Congress better from year to year, and your feedback helps us tremendously to do that. If you haven’t yet, please participate in this 3-min survey to tell us what you liked about the 2nd WSC and what could be improved. Thanks!

The 2nd WSC is brought to you free of charge by the Global Sepsis Alliance, fostering our aspiration to bring knowledge about sepsis to all parts of the world. If you enjoyed it, please consider making a donation.

Marvin Zick