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Worldwide Sepsis Webinar
On 13th September 2015, we organized 
the first worldwide sepsis webinar. More than 20 sepsis experts from all over the world presented online-talks about specific sepsis topics.
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Hundreds of viewers joined the webinar and took the chance to learn 
from leading experts. The webinars described the global health challenge and shared with the audience what attendees can do to help in the efforts to reduce the incidence and impact of sepsis. In case you missed this outstanding opportunity, 
you can access the recordings of the webinars here:
Worldwide Sepsis Webinar 2015 / recordings
Over the past year we've been collecting the questions we receive most frequently about sepsis. Please share this information with your friends and family. Don’t see your question on the list? Get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to help.
Sepsis should be known!
We want to set World Sepsis Day on the Agenda of the World Health Assembly in 2016.
Too many people develop sepsis. Too few survive.
Get 13th September, World Sepsis Day, officially recognized as World Health Day by the World Health Assembly. With every heartbeat someone around the world contracts sepsis. <br><b/>The chance of surviving sepsis is high – if it is treated within the first few hours. </b>
WHO: Recognition of sepsis as Global Burden
To date, the Global Burden of Disease Report (GBDR) and the WHO website lists only “maternal sepsis” and “sepsis in newborns”.
Sepsis Facts
Sepsis is common and often deadly. It remains the primary cause of death from infection, despite advances in modern medicine like vaccines, antibiotics, and intensive care.